Following a Legend

It’s hard to follow a legend. And no, I’m not talking about Brett Favre. This time the legend I speak of is Kurt Warner. It seems like Arizona is having a very hard time replacing him. Seasoned football players do so much more than just play football. They provide leadership on the sidelines. Warner, for example, sat out the entire final game of the regular season last year when the Cardinals played the Packers. Why? Because the following week he proceeded to shove the football down their throats in the wildcard game. He studied what they had to offer and then used it against them the following week.

A newbie quarterback, or even one that hasn’t been around the league very long, can’t do this. They don’t have the experience. Take Warner’s former backup and now replacement, Matt Leinart. He has some good numbers on the surface, but they just don’t translate to wins. Even more, Leinart can’t seem to move the ball down the field when he needs to. It’s one thing to have good numbers when you don’t need to win, and another to fail to lead your team where it needs to be in crucial moments.

Since preseason is the time to decide who has the gumption to really make a difference, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is starting Derek Anderson in the QB spot in the Cards Saturday against the Bears. Anderson was with the Browns, and like a lot of quarterbacks had good numbers, went to the Pro Bowl, but didn’t do much else. Whisenhunt claims he hasn’t made a decision yet on who the starter will be for the regular season, but with these two choices I have to believe he’s wishing he had Warner for just a season or two more.

Like I said, it’s hard to follow a legend.

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