Florida Gators Football Weekly Press Conference 10-5-15

Florida Gators head football coach Jim McElwain address the media after Saturday night’s dominant win over Ole Miss.

While some are calling Florida the best team in the SEC this season there is little doubt the Gators are the most improved team through five weeks.

McElwain just wants to see how his team handles all the headlines this week in practice.

“It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the praise,” McElwain said Monday during his weekly press conference.

“There’s nothing wrong with getting your belly rubbed. It feels good. I like it.”

On the heels of Florida’s 38-10 thumping of Ole Miss, the players are indeed getting their bellies rubbed, but with success comes a slightly altered way of handling yourself in preparation for a game. It’s a different type of mentality going from the hunter to the hunted, and it’s a mindset this team hasn’t been faced with. Really, it’s a situation this program hasn’t been faced with for several years now.

McElwain shares the same questions all of us have — what exactly was that Saturday night and what does it mean?

“I’m interested to see if our team is a one-hit wonder,” McElwain said. “I don’t think we are, but we’ll find out this week.”

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