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Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 - 76Michael Vick isn’t exactly cleaning up his image the way the NFL had hoped.  The former Falcon has been caught in two bold-faced lies to police recently and in both cases it makes you wonder what exactly number seven is attempting to hide from authorities regarding the shooting of his former friend and dogfighting ring conspirator in the first place?

The first lie that Vick presented to authorities was that he was “long gone” at the time that the shooting occurred.  Of course we all now know that Vick left only three minutes before the incident.  Sounds like the perfect time to leave if you ask me.  The second lie may be even more critical to the case then the first.  Michael Vick now allegedly got into a heated confrontation as he left the night club and was forced back into his limo by a few friends in his entourage. 

So what was originally presented as a man so innocently removed from the incident that he was “long gone” at the time of the shooting has quickly become a case where not only was Vick present within three minutes of the incident, but was also on the brink of a physical altercation just before the shooting happened.

Now this new bit of information doesn’t make Vick anymore likely to be involved then he was before.  And actually authorities are claiming that they now know the identity of the shooter and it is not Vick.  But once again Vick is proving that he learned absolutely nothing from his past mistakes and heading into this situation you would hope that the guy would be completely honest with the police considering he supposidely did nothing wrong.  If Vick left right before the incident happened and was in a brief altercation right beforehand then why not come clean about it?  Why not admit the truth so that it doesn’t come out this way after the fact?  Doing anything else other then telling exactly what happened makes you a person of interest!

So for Vick there are a lot of questions being thrown around right now and few that the Philadelphia Eagle would like to answer.  The best question though is…..

Why did he throw that party in the first place and why were all of his old troublemaking friends partying at the club with him?         

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ed Yourdon

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