Favre’s Retirement? I’m Not Falling for That Again….

As a Packer fan, I’ve lived through the on again/off again retirement of Brett Favre a little differently than most. The joy at the thought of him staying another year…. the sorrow when he didn’t. And then did. And then…..

Well, you know.

But here’s the thing, I don’t think he’s being dramatic (on purpose) or that he’s trying to drum up press. I really think he is just an emotional player who goes back and forth and doesn’t realize that when he’s talking to someone from the media, they are going to quote him and take what he says as the final word. So this announcement today that he’s expected to retire from the Minnesota Vikings has left me with this attitude: “Yeah. Sure.”

Even Vikings Coach Brad Childress doesn’t seem to be buying it. In perhaps one of the best quotes of all time, he said, “I’m not a big hearsay person….I’m a horse-say. I’ve got to hear it from the horse’s mouth.”

And even then…. will we ever be sure? The thing that makes this announcement even more suspect is the timing. Favre absolutely hates training camp and always has. So saying his ankle is not healed is one way to get out of it. But you know what? He and Chilly Childress might have a deal worked out where he doesn‘t have to go to training camp. This might be the only way they could get around that. I’m convinced that’s what happened last year. Whatever the issue, Childress seems to be able to deal with it. He knows how to handle Favre and is willing to do a little dancing to get him as the team quarterback, which includes the announcement and hype today about retirement.

I say this: Come the first snap of the season, Favre will be there with a purple jersey on and his ankle, and every other part of him, will be raring to go and fight another year.

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