Favred Out

I must admit I am a bit Favred out. In other words I am tired of all the Favre talk. The reason why I am tired of talking about Favre is because he is one of those ESPN gems much like the Dallas Cowboys. When either one is doing well you can’t stop hearing about them on the TV and when either one is doing terribly you still can’t stop hearing about them. Personally, if I see one more story about how could the Dallas Cowboys be 0-2 I will go insane. The Cowboys are 0-2 because they were never that good to begin with and that is that. As for Favre….the same type of rule applies, but in a different type of way.

What happens if you don’t go to training camp? Better yet (for us normal folks) what happens if you don’t play golf for four months and then pick up a club and hit some balls? The answer is you become rusty. Your technique is not quite right, your timing is a bit off, your feel for the grip of the club and your swing aren’t tip-top, and your round usually suffers the consequences of your game being out of sink. Brett Favre’s football game is not much different then anyone’s golf game.

When you are 40 years old you need to be in peak physical condition to withstand an entire NFL season. You need to train year round and prepare your body for the big hits it is going to take. In other words you have to put yourself through a year long cycle of preparation to play in 16 weeks of action. Favre has been able to successfully survive every NFL season to date, but I think it is safe to say that the QB was lucky to survive for most of those seasons and eventually father time catches up to you.  But now that Favre is 40 things have change, his body has changed, and cutting corners by skipping training camp will not fix these problems.

The question of timing is what really gets me about Favre. How can you expect to arrive 10 days before your first NFL game and successfully play? Favre recently admitted that it is really tough to make the offense work with so many new faces around, but he didn’t mention himself as one of these new faces. Favre had the entire off season to get to know these “new faces”, but instead #4 opted for throwing post routes to high school students. He could have trained with these new players and he certainly should have practiced with some of the reserve players from last season as well.

But instead Favre decided to stay away from the game and look where it has got him. The magic run might be over in Minnesota.


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