Favre Will Kick Butt This Year

I’m with everyone else in the world in that I’m sick of Brett Favre. But I’m also fascinated by Favre. Don’t deny that he’s one of the greatest players in the game. But everyone is saying Favre should hang it up, that he should have retired last year. Yeah, I’ve heard that before.

The thing is, Favre will kick butt this year. He will surprise us all, starting with this week. Do people seriously think he’s going to lose to the Lions? Seriously?

Here’s what I think. The Vikings did not get to practice this season. They didn’t get to gel as a team for the first two games. They’ve had injuries. They’ve played like crap. The answer to all this isn’t Favre, of course, but Favre is a leader and will start the process. Trust me on this, this will be Favre’s banner year.

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