Favre Mum About Packers Title

It has finally happened, and in the most improper of times.  Brett Favre, the King of NFL drama and self fulfilling ego trips is actually dodging the media.  We have spent 5 years tracking the retirement of Brett Favre, and this year might be the last time.  However when fans actually want to hear him say something, Favre is strangely quiet.

It’s rare when I agree with Mike Greenberg of “Mike and Mike in the Morning” on ESPN.  He’s a constant apologist for players and league officials.  Suddenly over the past two days he has grown a spine and is asking when Favre will actually issue congratulations to the Packers for winning Sunday’s Super Bowl.

It’s a valid question.  Favre has long been worried about his legacy and how he would be remembered.  It is widely thought he will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.  And he will enter the Hall as a Packer.  However he isn’t loved by all in the Cheese state.

After he was unceremoniously dropped by the Packers, Favre moved on to the New York Jets and more trouble there.  He caused the firing of Eric Mangini and he was caught up in the Jenn Sterger incident.  With that controversy Favre proved he knew how to text.  Why not take some time to just send a congratulatory text to Rodgers for winning?

It’s something that would repair his legacy and character.  Instead Favre has stayed silent, perpetuating the thought he and Rodgers don’t get along.  Rodgers was the backup to Favre for three years.  Now he is the darling of Green Bay and Brett is the outcast.

Even if Favre didn’t want to text Rodgers, he could always do the next best thing.  Spend a little money and take out a full page ad congratulating the Packers and their championship.  Favre wants to be loved; he also likes to be needed.  Favre has always shown he needs the belief of the fans that root for him.  Now that he is gone, he needs the love of the Packer fans, but he has fences to mend before he regains the place in their hearts.

Just a small token of Favre’s love and admiration for a franchise he gained fame with would do wonders for his fragile ego and his legacy in the city.  Bart Starr walked away and is still thought of as a God in the city and state.  Starr didn’t go elsewhere.  He retired and stayed retired.  Starr wasn’t the kind of man that needed the limelight.  Favre does.

Favre loves the cameras, the interviews, the questioning.  That is until it becomes a hindrance in his life.  That happened last year.  No longer the darling of the media because of his poor play and losing, the questions became more uncomfortable and even irritating.  His legacy took a hit in his final year.  One simple step would help him take back some of it.

Just do it Brett.  Text Rodgers.  Take out an Ad.  Do a radio spot.  Somehow and someway congratulate the city of Green Bay and the Packers.  The longer you wait, the more it will be harder to forgive and forget for the city.  And it will look like your doing it under pressure.  That might be the case already.  Do it Brett.  It might hurt now, but in the long run the pain will ease and the rewards will be great.


  1. http://Dick%20Nelson says

    Stay silent, Brent! And stay down in Mississippi where all the DNA is the same.

  2. http://JamesNYC says

    Maybe Brett realizes that it would seem like he is trying to get attention when it is time for Rodgers to bask in the spotlight. This is Rodger’s moment not Brett’s and maybe Favre is doing the classy thing. Of course he might be dodging his wife’s skillet for the Sterger thing (big idiot).

  3. http://john%20coblentz says

    Brett Favre tells Julius Peppers as he walks off the field in December “Beat the Packers”(Which would have put the Pack out of the playoff’s)….Bretty has lots of players on this Packer team who were his teammates…So why would a guy say that? It is not hard to figure out.Favre had a GREAT career in Green Bay but over the last two seasons has turned himself into a clown….The Packers will take the high road as they have been doing in regards to Brett but as a Packer fan I would have no problem seeing our punter come through the tunnel next year with # 4 on his jersey.


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