Favre Continues To Fool Everyone

Brett FavreYesterday I wrote that Brett Favre would return this season despite the fact that ESPN was wishing him farewell.  One day later I feel as if it is all, but a guarantee that Favre will play. Yesterday Favre texted his Viking teammates and announced his retirement.  Today he claims he never sent a single text.

Of course Favre appeared to be smirking, like a fifth grader prankster, while he made the comment and he did happen to be working out with the high school football players, so I think it is safe to say that ESPN was fooled by #4 yet again.  All day yesterday the station did exactly what Favre wanted them to do. They announced a text message to the world as if it was a 100% guarantee that Favre had hanged up the cleats.  But in reality Favre never spoke to reporters and allowed the Favre-mania to play all day on ESPN.  And what is most annoying to me is how quickly ESPN was willing to hype up the post Favre mania.  The analysts broke down the team without Favre on the roster.  They debated the missed opportunity to land McNabb.  They gave the man a final ode and highlighted the five greatest plays of the former quarterback’s career. They dedicated the entire day to an alleged text message. 

And Favre watched it play all day and laughed to himself.  I found the most interesting thing about his reaction today was the fact that he was basically acting as if he had never heard of any the reported rumors the Vikings players were spreading that he planned to retire. He acted like his workout today was just any ordinary workout and of course claimed that the texts were never sent.

It is obvious that Favre is just enhancing his image as a guy that lingers on the edge of retirement and it’s been obvious for a long time that the guy is a bit egocentric about the popularity of his indecision. Of course this game is really only amusing for one person and in Minnesota the entire organization is putting all of their hopes into a guy that enjoys outlandish pranks and wavering back and forth. It was this same type of behavior that had him booted from Green Bay. 

Maybe Favre didn’t send a text (he probably did), but either way he certainly didn’t want to speak up yesterday and admit to ESPN that they were taking things way too far with their news stories. And Favre was probably secretly hoping to surpass Lebron’s “The Decision” and he was successful because quite frankly I think most people think Favre is a more interesting story in the first place. Favre now says that the only thing that could keep him from playing is perhaps his injuries from last year, but we all know that even if Favre is too hurt to play this season (he isn’t) then he still would anyway because he is one of the most stubborn quarterbacks around. 

But make no mistake about it Favre will play this year.  Just wait until training camp is wrapping up. That’s when Favre usually returns.    

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