Fantasy Football 2010: Who’s the Best Tight End?

1) Dallas Clark: Colts

Clark is in many people’s mock drafts the fourth or fifth selection at tight end, but in reality I think he is the best due to being in that Colt’s system with Manning. His numbers consistently improve each year and this year could be very special.

2) Antonio Gates: Chargers

Gates is probably the best athlete in the league at tight end and the freakish physical specimen just received a five year record extension, so you know the Chargers are hoping for very big things out of the former basketball player.

3) Jermichael Finley: Packers

On several mock draft charts Finley is ranked in the double digits. I think the guy will have at least 800 yards receiving and 10 TD’s this season. By the end of the year he became a huge target for Rodgers and was a clutch postseason player.

4) Jason Witten: Cowboys

Witten had a down year despite a pretty successful season for the Cowboys. Now he is out of most peoples top five picks this season and that makes him a prime mid-round steal just like Finley.

5) Tony Gonzalez: Falcons

TG also had a down season last year and he’s getting up there in the years, but considering it was one of the worst of his career I think he will bounce back well this season. And much like Witten he is the 7th or 8th on many tight end list and is a great steal.


1) Visanthe Shiancoe: Vikings

Favre will return and this tight end will enjoy the benefits. On several list Shiancoe didn’t even topple the top 15 tight ends. This is ridiculous and the man is a real steal in the late rounds if that is the case in your league.

2) Brent Celek: Eagles

I realize McNabb is gone, but Celek actually had over 200 yards receiving last season during the brief time Kolb played. And first year QB’s often love to look to the tight end rather then the deep threat. Celek might be the prime target in Philly especially with Jackson already injured in training.

3) Chris Cooley: Redskins

The reverse positive affect could happen for Cooley who has been pretty good with a bunch of different mediocre QB’s. Now that he has McNabb it could mean that Cooley will be targeted even more often and could quite possibly finally be part of a functioning offense.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t expose too many defenses this season.

4) Ben Watson: Pats

Watson hardly makes several mock drafts list and is usually ranked somewhere in the 20’s. I’ll admit that he isn’t living up to his potential from a few season back, but the guy should have a few multiple TD games and isn’t a terrible final pick of the draft if he’s available.

5) Kellen Winslow: Bucs

Nobody on the Bucs is a good pick, but Winslow and certainly don’t take the guy too early. There is always the chance he will turn into a Soldier on his lowly team, but for now he has done good things and caught around 80 balls last season which is a franchise record.


1) Vernon Davis: 49ers

You’re probably thinking to yourself how is Davis not listed in the top 5? the reason why is because most sites have him at either #1 or #2. This is just silly. I know the guy had a career year last season and is now the main target of the team, but he also has a terrible attitude when things don’t go his way and could have a met down at any moment.

2) Greg Olsen: Bears

Mike Martz comes to town and Olsen’s position comes into question. Martz is well known for his preference to burners rather then big men and if Olsen can’t cut it in the slot then he might be rarely used and ineffective.  Martz has never really used the tight end before, so I wouldn’t expect him to now.

3) Jeremy Shockey: Saints

There is always one weirdo in every league that overrates Shockey by taking him in one of the first six rounds. Don’t! The guy may not even regularly play this season and is no better a tight end then the legendary Dave Thomas of Wendy’s who will be available with the final pick of the draft.

4) Owen Daniels: Texans

Daniels is actually very good and maybe worth the risk, but the guy is also made out of glass and likely will be hurt again by week eight. He is a great option week 1 through 7, but not late in the year.

5) Zach Miller: Raiders

He’s one of their most talented players, their receivers are terrible, yada yada yada. Never select a Raider especially one that is ranked in the top ten of his position. They might not have the Sizzurp Draft Bust anymore, but they do have Jason Campbell who is not that great either.

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