Fantasy Football 1st look at who to draft by position

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be positing my take on Fantasy Football.  The rank by position, what round you are going to be looking at for these players, and finally a over all Top Fantasy Board … with that said let’s get it started …

Tight Ends:

1.  Rob Gronkowski: New England Pats

Last season Gronk had 1327 yards, 90 receptions, and 17 TDs.  At the age of 23 this 6ft 6in TE out of Arizona is the premier TE in the league when you look at what all he can continue to do over the next several years.  Looking at the Pats it seems they could be poised for another Superbowl run and this guy will have a huge impact once again.  He’s young, cocky, and on the same page as Tom Brady mentally.  The end results is a lot of TDs and receptions again this season.  This is the only Tight End I advise taking a serious look at in the first round.  Best piece of advice here is if you are in a snake league and have the last pick of round one and first pick of round two combo Brady and Gronk if they are available.  Hint:  They shouldn’t be!  Look for another 1000 plus yard season and again over 10 TDs.

2.  Jimmy Graham:  New Orleans Saints

Last season Graham pulled in 99 receptions for  1310 yards and 11 TDs.  He’s 25 and very mature.  The problem I have with picking Graham this season is he will be one of the loan bright spots going into the season for the Saints this year.  Bounty Gate is hurting the team.  Drew and his contract problems are taking away from the team.  Not having Peyton hurts the team.  The bottom line here is that a lot will hurt this team.  As long as Brees does not hold out look for another 1000 yard season and over 100 receptions.  TDs will prob. be around 10 again which again is great at this position.  However, again the problem with this is the Saints off season.  If you can pick him up in the 3rd round I say go for it.  Personally, I think it’s to big a risk with the surrounding team to take him any higher.

3. Vernon Davis: San Francisco 49ers

Although Davis only had 67 receptions for 792 yards and 6 TDs last year anyone who watched the playoffs last year knows he finally grew up.  This will be his break out year.  This off-season the 49ers did one thing that jumped out at me … they made it where each skilled position will get one on one coverage!  Adding LaMichael James to Gore in the back field was a great move!  Bringing in Mario Manningham, Randy Moss, and A.J. Jenkins to pair with Ted Ginn and Michael Crabtree means Davis is going to get a lot of one on one time.  He’s a reach at 2 but if you want him and Graham and Gronk are off the board go for it!  Look for 75 plus receptions.  Over 1000 yards, and I think your going to see Davis at least tie his career high production of 13 TDs.

4.  Jason Witten: Dallas Cowboys

The last five seasons Witten has floated around 1000 yards give or take.  I think that’s a safe bet for this season as well.  He had 79 receptions with only 5 TDs.  I think the TD’s rise this year by at least 3.  Mark it down, this will be Tony Romo’s best  year and everyone who can catch a ball for the Cowboys will benefit from this.  I think he will be available in the mid rounds of your draft.  Look for him around 4 or 5.

5.  Fred Davis:  Washington Redskins

Last season Davis recorded 59 receptions for just under 800 yards and only 3 TDs.  That was without a QB that can have an impact.  Enter RG3 and the receivers that the Redskins signed in the offseason.  The end result means a lot more one on one time.  The TE is like a safety blanket for a QB and RG3 may be rolling out and dumping a lot of passes off to him once the D locks onto RG3.  Look for 70 plus receptions, 1000 plus yards but only around 5 TDs.  He’s a safe pick at round 5.

6.  Aaron Hernandez:  New England Pats

If you are in a yards league this guy will be a great pick up.  Gronk gets so much attention it’s easy to forget about Gronk.  What’s hard not to forget is that he had 79 receptions, over 900 yards and 7 TDs.  The important thing to remember here is that he will line up all over the field including as the H back and Full back.  They love to get this guy the ball.  Grab him in the 5thor 6th round and you won’t be disappointed.

7.  Tony Gonzalez:  Atlanta Falcons

At the age of 36 this is the first player I’m advising to only take if he’s an option in round 7 or later.  Yes he has good hands, and a good offensive all around him.  However, at the age of 36 Gonzo has lost a step.  He’s still a big target and would be more attractive to me in a TD league.  Last years stats showed 80 receptions, 875 yards, and 7 TDs.  I really don’t see him improving any more than that.  However, those are still some good stats for a TE.

8.  Brent Celek:  Philadelphia Eagles

Coming off his second highest season as far as production goes Celek could be poised for a huge season.  Word from OTAs are that Vick is playing with more poise.  The hope here is that he is playing at a level that will allow him to opt for the quick drop off to Celek across the middle.  If he does this instead of tuck N run owners of Celek could be very happy.  His stats last year show 62 receptions, 811 yards, and 5 TDs.  This year look for around the same amount of receptions and yards with a slight bump in TDs perhaps to 7.  He’s a 6th round or lower player.

9.  Jermichael Finley:  Green Bay Packers

He resigned with the Packers and honestly who wouldn’t .  I think he will be a huge impact with Rogers this year.  They seem to get on the same page and when your All Pro QB has faith in you that means he’s going to look for you.  Also, look for Green Bay to play with a chip on their shoulder this season.  I really think it’s gonna be bad for any team that plays against them.  They are gonna score big an often.  Look for Finley to improve in ALL stats from last seasons 55 receptions, 767 yards, and 8 TDs.  Many people won’t look to him as a top 10 because of yards alone.  I think he’s better than that and will show it this season.  Go for him in round 7!

10.  Coby Fleener:  Indianapolis Colts

Alight, before you have my head hear me out!  Andrew Luck from Standford with one of his favorite targets Fleener.  Whats a young QB’s best friend?  A Tight End with good hands for the dump off.  These two have played several years together and already are synced up.  This combo will work.  If you looking for a reach this is the one to take.  Fleener will be the starting TE and when things break down for Luck he will be looking for a bail out from his old college teammate.  As far as TD’s I don’t know if you looking past 4.  However, I believe he will have a high number or receptions (65 plus) and at least 800 yards.  Again, if your looking for a rookie sleeper.  This will be the one!

I’m only covering the top 10 for each position.  Maybe a little more in different positions.  However, this will be the standard format.  Feel free to post questions or suggestions.  If you have a question about a certain player let me know.


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