Falcons Coaching Carousel

The Atlanta Falcons have certainly been riding the coaching carousel since the end of their season.

It started when both the offensive and defensive coordinators left the team.  The OC went to the Jaguars as their new head coach.  The DC went back to college football with Auburn.  The Falcons then hired Dirk Koetter, who was the Jags OC, to be their new OC.  Then the Falcons QB coach went to the Jags as well.

Mike Nolan from Miami was hired as DC.  Just this weekend, the Falcons have hired Pat Hill from Fresno State as their offensive line coach.  But the Falcons still have 2 positions yet to fill.  Replacing their QB and defensive backs coach.

Needless to say, the Falcons of 2012 will be coached by a whole new set of guys with the exception of head coach Mike Smith.  It will be a whole new set of plays and expectations from brand new coaches on the field.  A lot to learn for the team over the next few months.

When owner Arthur Blank and GM Thomas Dimitroff had their press conference after the end of the season, they said there were going to be a LOT of changes.  They weren’t kidding.  Almost the entire Falcons coaching staff has been replaced with new guys.  The team wants to see an entirely different playing style come next season it would appear and with all these  new coaches they are surely likely to get just that.

The team had what I thought was some absolutely horrific play calling on both offense and defense and they still continued to struggle in the secondary.  New coaching may be indeed part of the answer.  It may turn out to be a big part of the answer depending on how these new coaches mesh with the players.  For the Falcons sake and their fans sake, let’s hope it turns out well.

Nobody wants to get to the playoffs and be eliminated in the first round again.  It’s time to take the next steps.  A new coaching staff is certainly the first step on that path.

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