Extension In Labor Talks Is A Good Sign, Right?

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I hate reading the papers today and seeing some people taking an even slightly negative slant on the extension in labor negotiations between the player’s union and the league.

Sure, this isn’t a panacea.  Sure, this isn’t solving all of our problems, but this is a really good step in the right direction.

Remember when the players made a suggestion and the league walked out of the meeting?  Well, meeting with a federal mediator from the NLRB is helping.  I mean, the meeting they had today lasted much longer than expected and they came away with an extension.  I even heard that there’s a new offer on the table.

See, that’s progress.  I know it probably isn’t curing everything, but that’s progress doggone it!  I’m proud of these guys.  I’ve said they’re all acting like idiots, but this is not idiocy.  This is grown-up behavior.

At this point I’m taking my foot off the “they’re going to wait til the last possible second to get this done” pedal.  Furthermore, how can the owners (especially) have such cordial negotiations with the players and then suddenly turn?  Think about all the good PR they built up.  It’s a “see, we’re trying” thing.

To turn around now and act like complete egomaniacs after having been so good would just turn the opinion of the public further towards the players.  Ultimately, that doesn’t win the game, but none of these egomaniacs wants to be hated.  If they didn’t care what people thought they wouldn’t have publicists, PR people, and a crew following them around 24/7.

I know things are looking up and I’m content to just wait and see what happens next.  Anything, it’s got to be encouraging.  I hope.

As far as I’m concerned, this extension is a good thing — as long as everybody plays nice.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tomasz Stasiuk


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