Erin Andrews Extends ESPN Contract

Erin Andrews and football go together like John Madden and an eight legged turducken or Howard Cosell and his ridiculous toupee. In other words Andrews has become a part of the sport’s subculture and is loved by mostly anyone and everyone that watches football other then a few jealous women.

And the gorgeous sideline journalist for primetime college football games has been in the news a lot in the last year for a variety of good and bad reasons. Of course there was Andrews’ infamous hotel peephole show incident that was unknowingly filmed by some random, but brave creep. And the illegally shot film has circulated around the Internet quicker then a case of small pox and has made the TV personality well known to even millions of non-sports fans.

And Andrews has recently sued the man that stalked her around the country and that case is in the preliminary stages.  But the blond beauty recently bounced back from the unfortunate situation in the public eye’s view by performing in Dancing With the Stars and even finishing the show as runner up.  And heading into this summer one of the pending contracts I was most interested in was not Lebron’s, but Erin’s with the four letter network. 

And one of Erin’s greatest assests (get it) is that she can truly multitask as a TV journalist.  On the average week for ESPN, Andrews is required to cover college football, baseball, and anything else that could possibly pop up on the four letter network or ABC including red carpet type of events. 

But no matter the sport or gig Andrews always performs well and always looks great.  Now maybe this sounds a bit misogynistic, but I don’t mind the fact that most sideline reporters are young women that do not look like Tony Siragusa.  It might not be a fair or a PC proclamation to make, but the truth is that sideline reporting is not brain surgery.  And the profession doesn’t need a certified rocket scientist to tell us what is going on down there,  but rather somebody with a little bit of charm and perhaps good looks. 

Being a sideline journalist is similar to being an actor and timing, delivery, and looks are probably considered more important then experience and individual research.  Sorry but that is just the way it is and it still is better here then most other countries or foreign television channels like Telemundo.

As for Andrews she will continue with ESPN and her role was recently extended.  The former University of Florida undergrad journalism major has agreed to a new mulityear contract that will see her role as sideline journalist potentially upgraded to anchor.  Andrews will be working for both networks (ABC and ESPN) and on a few new shows as well including College Gameday on ESPN.  

Andrews made this statement regarding the new deal:    

I am very pleased and excited about my new role with the network and I’m especially looking forward to the new opportunities presented with College GameDay and Good Morning America.

And the promotion is a deserved one for the poor Internet sensation.  After everything she has been through it is nice to know that Andrews will be sticking around for good and will be watched nearly every week of the year on television sets rather then in hotel peepholes of course. 

It’s not the most groundbreaking news in football, but again Andrews has kind of transcended her position as sideline journalist and many predicted she might try out acting next because of her huge popularity.  That would have been a foolish move, but it appears that Miss Andrews might be the most beautiful woman involved with sports reporting other then maybe Sara Carbenero (Iker Casillas of Spain’s girlfriend).

But one lovely lady out there in the Internet news that might have a future in sports broadcasting and a chance to dethrone Erin is who other then recently tabloid sensation Miss Iowa Katherine Connors.  Not only does the gorgeous lady have some sports credibility by throwing out the first pitch for the Washington Nationals, but the beauty pageant contestant also has the right sideline reporter type of look. 

And as I said before that isn’t such a bad thing for us guys.

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