Eli Needs Some Help

2008 NFL Super Bowl XLII
Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21

That Super Bowl seems long gone…

The Giants finished 8-8 this season with as much help as they could get from Eli Manning, but with Osi Umenyiora out, David Tyree getting cut, the running game not firing on “all cylinders”, and the defense in bad shape things just couldn’t have gone well for them this year.

It would have been one thing if the Giants had started off slowly and not ever been able to get things right, but they started the season just fine and for the second consecutive season they were stuck with a “2nd half” that they just couldn’t handle.

There’s something about this team that makes me think that Super Bowl run was truly miraculous.  Eli is a great QB, he has great running backs, but he has a hard time with receivers, and their defense definitely took a nosedive after Steve Spagnoulo left for St. Louis.

It’s that defense that conerns me most.  They need more help up front.  Osi Umenyiora is going to be like Kyle Vanden Bosch in Tennessee…lonely.  They just need depth because the way they play seems to invite injuries. 

Plus, their Offensive Line wasn’t helping Eli this season, and he can only conjure up so much “magic” when he’s being constantly pressured.  If I were the Giants I’d go into the draft thinking only about upgrading my Offensive and Defensive line.  Yes, they can do other things and be happy, but they’ll still close badly.

Michael Strahan + Osi = GREAT!  When there’s only “one” it gets hard.  That kind of attitude must have been infectious because the Offensive Line played well in that Super Bowl run too.  Where did the magic go?  With Michael Strahan?  It left the building somehow.

After the lines I’d try REALLY hard to find a top-flite receiver for Eli and try to build some depth in the defensive backfield.  The Giants have to stop giving up big plays.  That’s part of what made the second half of this past season so hard.  Big plays late in games just deflate you for weeks to come.

They’ve got to stop that.  If they do then they’re in good shape for 2010.

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