Early Pre-Season College Football Top 25

ESPN and their College Football Live program has done a very early pre-season college football top 25 for 2011.  If you have read any of my previous blogs, you know that I find pre-season polls loathesome.  In fact, I find them detrimental and in some cases, setting teams up for failure.  Like last year’s pre-season #5 for Florida.  A complete disaster.  But, the poll is out and so we will have a look at it, though it means little in the grand scheme of things.

This poll is based on an average of picks by 38 writers at ESPN.

#25: Arizona State, #24: West Virginia, #23: Auburn, #22: Missouri, #21: Mississippi State
#20 – Texas, #19 – Va Tech, #18 – Florida, #17 – Notre Dame, #16 – Michigan St
#15 – TCU, #14 – Wisconsin, #13 – Nebraska, #12 – Arkansas, #11 – Texas A&M
#10 – Ohio St, #9 – Oklahoma St, #8 – South Carolina, #7 – Stanford, #6 – Florida St
#5 – Boise State, #4 – LSU, #3 – Oregon, #2 – Alabama, #1 – Oklahoma

Already people are whining about Boise State being ranked at 5.  Those who think they should be higher and those who think they should be lower.  Auburn falls from the top spot  in last year’s final AP top 25 to 23rd.  TCU drops from the number 2 slot to 15th.  LSU and Alabama make some big gains over the end of year AP poll as well.

Here is the final rankings via the AP Top 25 for last season:

1 Auburn 2 TCU 3 Oregon 4 Stanford 5 Ohio State

6 Oklahoma 7 Wisconsin 8 LSU 9 Boise State 10 Alabama

11 Nevada 12 Arkansas 13 Oklahoma State 14 Michigan State 15 Mississippi State

16 Virginia Tech 17 Florida State 18 Missouri 19 Texas A&M 20 Nebraska

With Spring Games underway, more and more people are starting to think college football and as long as the NFL lockout is in place, college football will dominate a lot of football talk.  This poll is not much to base what might come out in the pre-season AP or coaches polls, but it does give an idea of what people who write about college football are thinking for 2011.  At least they didn’t put Florida in the top 10.  That’s progress.

21 UCF 22 South Carolina 23 Maryland 24 Tulsa 25 North Carolina State

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