Eagles Spending Spree wins the NFC East

Usually the toughest division to pick is the NFC East.  However this year, it is probably the easiest.  Over the years you could point to the NFC East and know there was going to be great football and season-long drama.  This season, the division could be over before it even begins.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – Some call this the “Dream Team.”  The Eagles front office didn’t sit around and do nothing during the one month signing period.  They went out of their way to spend the money and put the best team they could on the field.  However at the end of the day, Michael Vick is still the leader and quarterback of this team.  Like him or not, the Eagles will go as far as Vick can take them.  If the Eagles have a weakness, it is at linebacker.  They are young, small but very quick.  Leading the way is former Oregon linebacker Casey Matthews.  If he plays to the caliber of his brother or father, the Eagles have no weaknesses.  The Defensive backs are much improved with the addition of Nnamdi Asomugha.  Take the Eagles to win the division easily with a 12-4 record.
  2. New York Giants – This team always seems to have some upheaval.  If it isn’t rumors about Tom Coughlin being replaced by Bill Cowher, it’s injuries and contract negotiations.  Turnovers are the name of the game this year for the Giants.  Eli Manning needs to cut down on the 22 turnovers he had last season to improve the Giants chances.  Osi Umenyiora was back in the fold after a three week holdout for a new deal, but then a knee injury put him back on the shelf.  The Giants need him back to make a run.  Unfortunately, there is no run here.  Take the Giants again in second with a 10-6 record.
  3. Dallas Cowboys – What can be said about the Cowboys that hasn’t been said before.  They need offensive line help, a consistent quarterback and a running game.  Defensively it appears they are depending upon Rob Ryan, the former defensive coordinator of the Raiders and Browns to turn things around.  What the Cowboys need is talent, not the gimmicks Ryan brings with him.  The cowboys will blitz right off the bus, but with that blitz they need cover.  And there is nobody with that in the Dallas secondary.  Romo is back after an injury, but they need more than him to lead a productive offense.  Third place is a good spot for Dallas with a 9-7 mark.
  4. Washington Redskins – The main question during training camp was who would win the starting quarterback position.  For the month preceding the regular season coach Mike Shanahan has rotated Rex Grossman and John Beck, seeing who would be the better fit.  At the end, Shanahan has announced Grossman will be the starter.  Grossman played better and won the job.  Ironically, it isn’t going to make any difference.  The Redskins can’t finish any higher than last; no matter how well either quarterback plays.  Take 5-12 for the Skins and last place in the division.

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