Eagle versus Browns, halftime report. Maclin Saves Eagles Season!

At halftime of this rather sloppy game, the Philadelphia Eagles are showing signs that they have not learned any lessons from last year’s offensive mistakes. Cleveland is playing very tough and smart football. Dick Jauron is still Dick Jauron when it comes to defense.

The Eagles, however, are making the team from the town known as the mistake by the lake look a little stouter on defense than they deserve. Vick is harried and frenetic with multiple bad throws and delayed decisions. The whole offense besides number seven need to go back to the basics in run blocking as several of Shady McCoys big runs have been negated by holding calls.

Defensively, the team is playing rather well against a rookie quarterback and a rookie running back. The highlight has to be the meeting between Eagles safety Kurt Coleman and Trent Richardson. Coleman was caught mid step coming off of a block and literally took a helmet to the chin when Richardson popped him and his helmet back several yards.

Highlight on defense in the first half include Jason Babin making the first tackle of the game for the Birds on a run play. Perhaps we will see a more balanced approach this year?

Lastly, Jeremy Maclin got back up off the ground a few times and exerted himself to the end zone. His first big play came after a veteran shirt tug to pull the cornerback behind him for a nice deep catch to get the offense moving after multiple three and outs. He then made a very clutch catch for a touchdown that has the Eagles and their fans feeling much better.

The second half should continue to go the Eagles way as the rookie QB for the Browns sees different schemes and a more personal and up close look at a defensive line that is probably a little upset that they haven’t gotten to him yet.

Hopefully, the team follows middle linebacker DeMeco Ryan’s example and plays more football in the other teams backfield. Also, expect to see LeSean McCoy take over this game.


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