Dumb Things Overheard

As I was listening to the morning sports shows, I heard a lot of dumb things being thrown about.  I wondered if perhaps some of these people were just saying these things to “stir the pot” or did they actually mean it.  Either way, this morning was a banner day for dumb things overheard.

The first thing was that no team had any interest in Tiki Barber because he left his pregnant wife for a younger woman.  Are you kidding me?  The NFL takes felons.  They take guys who violate the “rules” multiple times.  They take guys who pull guns on people, guys who shoot themselves in the leg, guys who fight dogs, guys who run over people while drunk.  Are we supposed to seriously believe that they have taken some kind of moral high ground on Tiki Barber’s marital issues?! Please.  There are 2 reasons no team gave Tiki a chance and only 2.  The first is that he hasn’t played a single down in the NFL since 2006.  The second is that if you are to believe the multitude of items over the time he was in the NFL that the people he played with didn’t like him and he was a bad vibe in a locker room, then nobody want to bring that kind of disruption into their team.  You put those two things together and you get the ONLY reasons the NFL had no interest.  Believe me the last thing any NFL team cares about is where some guy is wagging his junk when they will take felons on a regular basis.

The next dumb thing I heard was that the Jags got rid of Garrard in order to get into the playoffs and that their coach has been told that he gets the team to the playoffs or else.  Okay, so you can’t get to the playoffs with Garrard and you think you can get there with a guy who threw 18 passes in preseason or a brand new rookie?  The Jags want to be rid of their head coach.  But they waited too long to get rid of him before the season started.  So, they dump their starting QB and tell the coach, now get to the playoffs or else.  Can you say setting him up to fail?  That’s exactly what they are doing.  And believe me, they will accomplish their goal. The Jags will not make the playoffs and they will be looking for a new head coach come next season.

The next dumb thing I head was that it seems to be a consensus among sports media talking heads that the Packers will repeat as Super Bowl champs this year.  As I recall, that was said last year about the Saints.  All the talking heads said things like, they are all set to make another run, they have all the tools they need to win again, they will only be better this year.  I believe those exact words were spoken today but a variety of talking heads about the Packers.  While the Pack may be in the running for the Super Bowl, repeating is not as easy as the sports media makes it out to be and repeating when everyone hands it to you at the start of the season just puts more pressure on everyone.  The Saints didn’t handle it well….the Packers may not either.

Dumb things overheard….never any shortage of them in the sports media world.

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