Down To This

If you have read any of my previous writes, you know I am a fan of the New England Patriots and have been for many, many years.  So, this is a big weekend for me.

For the last 2 weeks, I have not watched any coverage of the game at all.  No sports media talking heads.  I have avoided Twitter.  I have kept my Facebook time to a minimum.  I just did not want to hear all the haters hating.  It’s just what happens when a team like the Patriots is in the big game.  The haters are many and the only way to further a story is to make the Patriots the underdog, make Tom Brady struggling, talk ad nauseum about Gronkowski’s ankle injury.  But in reality it doesn’t matter.

It comes down to this.  There is only one thing that matters come game time.  Which team can enforce their game plan on the other with the fewest mistakes.  That’s it.  There is nothing else.  Which team can play their game with the fewest mistakes.  That’s the only thing that will matter from kickoff to the last play of the game.  It’s not about players or coaches or past wins or momentum.  It’s only about which team can execute without mistakes.

Either of these teams can win the game.  They both have the tools to do so.  A case can be made for either one to win.  You could go on and on and sports media outlets have certainly done so about every bit of stats and minutia that can be dragged out of the cellars of history.  You can make predictions.  You can pick scores.  You can dissect until you are out of breath, but none of that matters.  It’s all so much air time filler.  So much fodder for the haters.  So much noise.

When the ball is kicked off, it will come down to this.  Can the Giants or the Patriots impose their game plan with the fewest mistakes.  The team that answers that question will win the Super Bowl. Its that simple and that complex.  It sounds easy…it’s extremely difficult in reality.  But that’s why they play the game.  For the opportunity to get to this point.  For the chance to answer that question.  To answer it for the haters, for the talking heads, for the so-called experts, for the coaches, for themselves.

It comes down to this and nothing else matters.


  1. http://Ava%20Gibbons says

    Everyone has a right to choose their favorite team. I am a fan of the NFL, watch every game televised, sometimes 2 and 3 at a time. I hate no team. Hate is a nasty word, meant more to show insecurity and instability. Neither do I love all teams. But of course I have my personal preference and show support as such. I like players on every team for what they do and how they conduct themselves. I appreciate great talent and every team has it. As for this Super Bowl, neither team is my team. But I will watch every minute of the game and enjoy it. The Super Bowl to me is better than Christmas. I’ve also really enjoyed much of the TV coverage from Indianapolis. Sure there are oodles of opinions, predictions and other topics I may not agree with, but that’s life. When I hear that people don’t watch a game because their team is not in it, they must not truly love football, or they could be very sore losers. I know my favorite team cannot/will not make it to the big game every year. Not possible. So what. All teams have the same goal. Only 2 survive to get there and only 1 will emerge with the trophy/title. I’ll root for 1 team in SB46 and hope I will be able to cheer on my own team in future years. Now I best get back to prepping my mexican food and margaritas for Super Bowl Sunday-my very favorite day of the year!!

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