Dolphins Not Re-Signing Henne?

Joe Haden vs. Brandon Marshall

Someone has to throw the ball...

The Dolphins have been a part of the Peyton Manning talk for quite some time.  I think that, even if Peyton Manning were not going to be on the market, that the Dolphins were probably over Chad Henne.  That’s fine.  He was like a backup plan that didn’t work.  So, whatever.  However, now that the Dolphins are not going to work to re-sign him…

That tells me that they think they have a real shot at Peyton Manning OR they are planning on trading up to draft a quarterback.  Can you imagine RG3 in Miami?  I can.  I think that would be kind of cool actually.  However, I can’t really imagine how this is going to work when they make the trade.  What do you have to give up now to get that high in the draft?  Would they even trade up to get to number one because they’re afraid that the Colts might, somehow, take RG3?  Or, do they want Andrew Luck?  Could they talk to Colts out of him?

So, do they just go for it and try to sign Peyton, or do they try to draft someone?  I think they need to build through the draft.  Take RG3, make a new face for your franchise.  Do whatever it is you have to do to make your team younger and fresher.  It’s Miami, and the Dolphins are one of the stodgiest teams that I have ever seen.  It’s the kind of thing that disappoints because they should be so much better than they are.

Can I see Peyton in a Dolphins uniform?  Yes.  Can I see RG3 in a Dolphins uniform?  Yes.  Does it really matter which one they pick?  For now, no.  For the future, yes.

They need to have RG3 in the mix so that they can be good for the next ten years–not the next two.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Erik Daniel Drost

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