Dolphins Doing “Hard Knocks” = Bad Idea

I don’t think that doing “Hard Knocks” is a good idea either way.  That much I am totally sure of.  However, if it were to be a good idea in one way or another, I don’t think it would be a good idea for a team that is working up to something great to do this show.  The show puts everything out there and it is far too easy to get distracted by little things that come up on the show.  Because the Dolphins are getting there, they really don’t need to have the distraction that comes with trying to star on a TV show AND prepare for the season at the same time.  It doesn’t work.

Have we not noticed that every team that does “Hard Knocks” has a hard time?  That many teams don’t even want to do the show because they know the strain it will put on them?  Don’t we see it?  It’s like the Madden Curse.  We just need to avoid the show altogether.

I don’t wish any ill will on HBO, but I don’t think that it’s a good idea for anyone to agree to work with HBO on the show when it usually produces problems and not solutions for the teams involved.

Now, do I hope that the Dolphins can use the exposure to help their team?  Yes, I do.  I think that would be nice.  However, I don’t think that that is possible.  You already are in the richest and most popular sports league in the world.  Everyone knows who the Miami Dolphins are.  If you do this show, you’re just grasping at straws and trying to get a little publicity.  That’s not really good for your team long term, is it?

I think we now know why the Dolphins have a hard time in the AFC East.


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