Do We Care If Smith And Goodell Get Along? (I Don’t)

Why does it matter if the commissioner of the NFL and the Executive Director of the NFLPA get along?  Do they work in the same office?  Am I missing something?  Do they share an office?  As far as I know, they work in two completely different places.  So, they don’t have to get along.

I know that labor peace has to be kept even though we have a CBA, but these guys don’t have to have a sunny relationship in order to keep the league running and working.  It might make it easier, but I don’t think that that is a requirement for letting the league run properly.

Look at these two guys.  Roger Goodell has an itchy trigger finger.  DeMaurice Smith let the NFLPA decertify so they could sue the league and try to force the hand of the owners.  They’re both control freaks who think they are the greatest gift that anybody has ever gotten.  I mean, I suppose that the gift is that they are both smart, but, they are going to butt heads just because they are on opposite sides of the table.  So, if we observe them having a testy relationship, I don’t think we should think anything of it other than that they are constantly at war.

Every time the league fines somebody, the NFLPA gets upset.  Every time a player sues the league or makes PR tricky for the league, the league gets upset.  That’s just the way that it is.  You can actually be someone’s nemesis and be very productive with them.  I don’t think these guys hate each other.  I bet they would be good friends without the battle lines drawn.  It’s just the way the league has to run.

So, let’s leave these guys alone.  Their relationship is not a big deal.


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