Do The Baltimore Ravens Have Needs For 2010?

Creative Commons License photo credit: iris goldstein

Does this offense need a boost?

The Baltimore Ravens had a bit of a slump in a 2009 season that couldn’t quite compare with their AFC Title Game appearance of 2008.  However, the Ravens were still a really good team bolstered by defense.  Here’s the problem:  Do they have problems for 2010 because the team is getting a little older?

Ed Reed has hinted at retirement, Ray Lewis isn’t getting any younger, Derrick Mason DEFINITELY isn’t getting any younger, and neither is Todd Heap.  They have Joe Flacco in their back-pocket for the foreseeable-forever, but he isn’t enough.

Are they going to be able to “reload” this defense in the next couple years so they don’t miss a beat with their studly young QB?  Should they just draft all defense in 2010 and get it over with?

If the Ravens go into April’s draft thinking depth then I think they’ve made a smart move.  They already have tons of good players all over the field.  Wouldn’t it be smart to draft young guys who can learn and become the future in a couple years as older dudes slowly fall-off through retirement?  Now that would be a good idea!

So, who do they go after?  Go find someone who can learn from Ed Reed (Major Wright or Hayden from Florida for my taste).  But is that who they draft in the 1st round?  I don’t think so.  Maybe they find a receiver in the 1st round and give Joe Flacco some better targets.  It would amp-up their offense pretty fast and make it MUCH harder to respect their 3-headed running game.

Should they get another O-Lineman?  Nope, they have their “Blind Side” covered and by all accounts Michael Oher is going to be a Hall of Fame caliber lineman.

Do they make a move to get Ndamukong Suh?  They’d have to move WAY up in the draft, but they would have found their leader for the future on defense.

I say make the move for Suh or hang back and find a good receiver late in the 1st Round.  Either way they win.

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