Dimitroff Exec Of The Year

The Sporting News has named Thomas Dimitroff, Falcons GM, as excecutive of the year in the NFL for the 2nd time in three years and he deserves it and more.  Dimitroff took a near impossible task and got it done, and done well.

Dimitroff was hired in 2008.  Remember 2008 for the Falcons? A disgraced quarterback in Michael Vick, a new coach hired who ran for the college hills in the blink of an eye, and a roster that wouldn’t scare anyone.  The Falcons were a disaster.  A lot of sports media types had written them off completely with things like, the Falcons will never recover from this.  Enter Thomas Dimitroff.  In a year – a single year – he changed the Falcons from disgraced, coachless, and talent lacking to NFL post season contenders.  A year.

Dimitroff surrounded himself with talented scouts, personnel guys, and players who were smart, willing to work hard, and ready to win.  He let those guys put together a team that could compete.  He believed in the Falcons when almost no one else did and they started to believe in themselves.  Dimitroff had a plan for a multi-year rebuilding project, but his multi-year turned into one year and then got better every year after that.  The Falcons just 2 years removed from all the bad things that happened in 2008 had a 13-3 season and went to the playoffs.  Nothing short of amazing.

Dimitroff has made some mis-steps, but he is only human.  Although, with what he has been able to accomplish, he might be just a little more than only human.  He’s quite special and the Falcons and their fans are the benefactors.  This is sure to be only one of many awards he will receive and a Super Bowl may not be far off in his future as well.

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