Did The Bengals Suddenly Get Good, Or Was It A Slow Burn?

Some people have noted that it seems like the Bengals are suddenly good in their front office, suddenly solid, and suddenly not stupid.  Is that the case, or have they been on a very slow grind to get them to this point?  I think it’s been a slow grind, and I’ll tell you why.

Marvin Lewis.  He has been there for quite some time now, and they have not let him go because I think they also saw that, if they could be consistent in one position with a guy who knows what he’s doing, that they could easily make themselves better.  It would take some time, but they would eventually attract solid and stable people who want to work with Marvin.  Am I crediting Marvin Lewis with the success of the Bengals?  Yeah, I pretty much am.

I think that we have diminished the value of Marvin Lewis because the Bengals always had so many problems in their front office.  The Bengals also have such a stigma that they brought to the table when Lewis was hired that he sort of got wrapped up in it because he wasn’t winning consistently.  It’s hard to when a team is that sad and has such a huge black mark on them.  I mean, the black mark was enormous.  So, when the Bengals finally get good, we have to give the picture of consistency credit where credit is due.  He’s an awesome coach and he’s made them competitive.  He handled the transition from Carson to Dalton, and he did it extremely well.

Marvin Lewis should hang around and maybe one day he’ll own the Bengals.  That would help, too.  He’s just that good.  He’s that important, and his presence is that vital to a football team that spent so long being just plain awful.


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