Derek Dooley Lands at Tennessee

Junior’s in the House!

Tennessee has hired Derek Dooley as their new Head Football Coach after Lane Kiffin left them holding the bag (and some minor rules infractions.)  Yes, I said Dooley.  Derek Dooley is Vince Dooley’s son!  Derek played football for Virginia back in the 80’s.  (Lore has it that Vince sat his son down and wanted a good reason for Derek to NOT attend UGA.  I guess Derek was pretty convincing because he went to UVA!)

Derek also has a law degree from Georgia, but I think the most intriguing part of this story is the fact that Derek Dooley is coming from Louisiana Tech.  He got them on TV a couple times and got them into a bowl game.  Plus, he was serving as the AD at Louisiana Tech and that tells me that someone has higher designs here.

Mike Hamilton is the current Tennessee AD and I don’t think he’s getting fired tomorrow.  No, but I do think that a trustee or upper-level administrator at Tennessee looked at that resume and said to themselves “We’ve got Vince Dooley, Jr. on our hands! (Literally!)

If Derek has a good opening run at Tennessee he’ll be able to usurp Hamilton’s power and the University might consider allowing Derek to be “Vince” in Knoxville.

Does this mean that I think Derek Dooley is a “reincarnation” of his Dad?  No, but I do think that he has potential.

We know he’ll be able to recruit the South since he’s Vince Dooley’s son and Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky are very close to Knoxville.  Now that all these SEC teams have to fight for recruits with an honest guy things get harder for the rest of the SEC.  Why?

Well, Lane Kiffin was a loudmouth who broke the rules and wanted attention like a mad 3-year old.  Derek Dooley is all class and has an SEC heritage.  How easy would it be for him to walk into a kid’s home and say “Son, you’re playing for Tennessee.”  Plus, everyone else can’t negatively recruit against Vince Dooley’s son.  Even people from Georgia Tech respect Vince Dooley.  Trashing his kid would make you look like the scum of the earth.

Derek’s job just gets easier by the minute!

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