Denver’s First Mistake

The Broncos may have committed their first and quite possibly last mistake of the season.

The Broncos and by extension Tim Tebow seem to believe that the Chiefs aren’t considering this weekend’s game as a type of payback scenario.  That’s their first mistake.  Make no mistake, the Chiefs are coming in to this game with 2 intentions.  One is to win the game and prevent Denver from going to the post season and two is to avenge their quarterback, Kyle Orton’s, name and reputation.

Perhaps they have 3 intentions though.  The third would be to cement Romeo Crennel as their new head coach.  The players seem to like him very much and seem to be playing much better football since his installment there.  It is not out of the realm of possibility that they are going to be also playing for his job.

For the Broncos to think that the Chiefs aren’t coming into this game with a burning desire to win it and win it big is a mistake.  The Chiefs went into the Packers game with the same thought and they got the job done.  They have much more motivation to do the same thing in this game than they did in that one.  To keep the Broncos out of the post season, to vindicate their QB and to cement their head coach’s job.  That’s some powerful motivation.

Crennel will most likely be able to pick apart the Broncos game and cause Tebow to play much as he did versus the Patriots and the Bills.  Trying to play catch up and being forced into far too many mistakes.  Orton won’t make those same mistakes.

Denver needs a win in this game.  The Chiefs want a win.  Underestimating either team is a mistake but Denver not believing that the Chiefs are in this for the reasons I stated is a huge mistake.  If their thinking doesn’t change before the game, it may be their last mistake as well.

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