Dennis Hopper, RIP

When I first heard that Dennis Hopper had passed away, I thought about his football commercials from the mid-1990s. Sure, Hopper acted in a lot of great roles, but his football commercials were OUTstanding. They were weird and different at the time, and now looking back they are classic Hopper… with a bit of football thrown in for good measure.

Dennis Hopper
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Light

Hopper played a crazed football fan named Stanley, who was amazed and in awe of football players and the moves they could make on the field. I’m not sure what marketing person dreamed these up, because at the time when you thought “football” you most certainly did not think Hopper. But somehow, having these to look back on makes Hopper that much more special. Who else could pull off crazed fan like Hopper? I ask you!

Here’s a favorite of mine, starring Sterling Sharpe. Sharpe was one of the greatest Packers ever, but he refused to talk to the press and so to see him in a commercial (even with a quick appearance) was really something:

Dennis Hopper and Sterling Sharpe

The second commercial that stands out for me is the one that highlights the great Barry Sanders. Sanders was amazing on the field, and he did things that would make your head spin. But to hear Dennis Hopper tell it? It’s even more weird and odd and out-of-this-world:

Dennis Hopper Talks About Barry Sanders as Crazed Fan Stanley

Dennis Hopper, you will be missed! Rest in peace, Stanley, rest in peace.

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