Defense Wins Championships

Most NFL fans have heard this phrase on more than one occasion and generally it holds true.  However, this year I’m thinking not so much.

The teams with the best records this year in the NFL have abysmal defenses.  In fact, the top 2 teams, the Patriots and Packers, have THE worst defenses in the entire league.  It doesn’t seem to matter.  No matter what teams they play, as long as the offense puts up enough points, the defense can give up almost as many and the teams still win.

Time after time this season we have seen these 2 teams give up 25, 30, 35 points to a team and they still win the game.  It is on the backs of their QB and their huge arsenal of offensive weapons.  They just keep running or throwing or kicking and they just keep winning.  The defense doesn’t do a whole lot to stop the other team.  They will make a play every now and again, recover a fumble, get an interception, but for the most part they just take up space.

It’s hard to believe for a lot of NFL fans just how much these teams do win and how much they give up to other teams in the doing.  These 2 teams are not alone.  The Saints, put up a lot of yards and a lot of points, but their defense gives up a good bit too.  The Falcons who made it into the playoffs have a really awful secondary that continually gives up the long ball and yards after the catch and yet they are in the post season.

Yes there are teams that will be in the post season who actually do have a defense that can help them win games.  The 49ers of all teams has one of the best defenses in football this year.  The Ravens have a good defense as usual.  The Steelers have an acceptable defense.  The Texans have a pretty good defense.  The Lions of course have a very good defense.  These teams don’t give up a lot of points to an opponent.

If you believe that the Patriots and Packers are the teams that will make the Super Bowl this year, then you have to wonder just how much the defense really matters if you have a QB that can just pass at will and a team that has 12 to 15 offensive weapons to use in each and every game.  What would a Super Bowl be like for these 2 teams?  Would there be over 100 points scored?  It’s truly a possibility.

Defense wins championships unless you’re the Patriots or Packers and then it’s who can get the most points up before time runs out.

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