DeAngelo Williams Is My New Favorite Player

I just posted yesterday about my dislike of the whole holdout situation, and here comes a guy after my own heart. DeAngelo Williams, running back for the Carolina Panthers, has just had two very awesome seasons. He busted through the magic 1,000 yard mark each year, and yet still only makes $2.1 million a year. I say “only” because in football terms that’s low. Although this blogger would love it if she made that much.

Still, rather than get a big head and think that he should get paid more, he’s not holding out, not putting up a stink, he’s…. gasp…. honoring his contract. NFL Sports quotes him saying:

“I knew when I signed my five-year deal that I was committed here for five years, so why put up a fuss?”

Can I name him player of the week? Of the year? Most normal player? Player voted most likely to be successful when he’s done with football? How about all of the above? I vote for that.

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