Terrelle Pryor is in the NFL now.  No longer is he the problem of the Ohio state university.  He is now the problem of the Oakland Raiders, and we all know how Raiders owners Al Davis love problem players.

The Raiders took Pryor in the third round of Monday’s NFL supplemental draft, only because they didn’t have a 4th round pick.  So in essence they admitted to “overextending” to get Pryor before the Cincinnati Bengals.  But they did get the man they wanted.

Pryor immediately already had his bags packed and was ready to head anywhere he was drafted.  Pryor boarded a plane out of Pittsburgh to the Bay Area after, hoping to finalize a contract as soon as possible.

Pryor is staring a five game suspension in the face.  Although he will be able to practice after signing and participate in the final two exhibition games. However after that Pryor has to sit out with benefit of practice or games until the team’s sixth game.  That game will be against the Cleveland  Browns.

Speculation was Pryor would appeal the Commissioners decision to suspend him for those five games.  Roger Goodell made that a condition of allowing Pryor into the supplemental draft last week.  Goodell took great pains to get the suspension cleared by the NFL Players Association before the announcement just to make sure there were no problems.

Pryor’s attorneys said there would be an appeal coming after the draft, so the Union could hear items about the case they hadn’t heard from Goodell.  However at his Pro Day on Saturday, Pryor announced there would be no appeal and he would sign without problem.

There has been speculation that Pryor’s future could come as a receiver or tight end and not at quarterback.  Raiders coach Hue Jackson said he sees Pryor as a quarterback and he will start his career there and have an ample amount of time to prove he can play the position.

The problem with Pryor on the field has never been his athletic ability.  Pryor has enough of that.  His troubles begin in the pocket and he accuracy.  Pryor has never been a quarterback that has been blessed with an accurate arm.  His throws are hardly ever “in the numbers’ of the receivers he throws at.  Plus accuracy is something that is hard to teach.

Oakland’s starting quarterback is Jason Campbell, now in his second season with the Raiders after being acquired from Washington, where he spent five seasons. Campbell is in the last year of his contract, and is suffering from a concussion sustained in last week’s pre season game with San Francisco.

The Raiders looked into drafting a quarterback to groom last April, but nobody caught their eye. Now they have Pryor to fill that role.


No other players were chosen in the draft. In the draft with Pryor were former Georgia running back Caleb King , former Northern Illinois safety Tracy Wilson, former Western Carolina cornerback Torez Jones, former Lindenwood University defensive lineman Keenan Mace and former North Carolina defensive end Mike McAdoo.


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