Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones: “I didn’t expect this”

55/365 ~ Dallas Cowboys HelmetThe Dallas Cowboys were outplayed in every way Sunday night by the New Orleans Saints and Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ owner and general manager, was stunned by the 49-17 loss.

“I didn’t expect this,” Jones said late Sunday night. “I didn’t see this coming. But I did think we would have to come in here and get some points on the board with them. I felt we certainly were compromised relative to our defense where we are with our personnel, it’s not an excuse ’cause we didn’t play as well as they played. They just did a very good job of defending us and kept us off the field.”

After blowing a chance to maintain their lead in the NFC East, the Cowboys are now tied for first place with the Philadelphia Eagles at 5-5. When they return from their bye week, the Cowboys could be in secod place and are facing the possibility that they will need to beat the Eagles in the regular-season finale just to reach the postseason.

“We got to put together a plan that allows us to get in here and have a shot at this thing,” Jones said.

“At the end of the day what we’re trying to do [is] get to the playoffs and go from there.”

Now Jones has to evaluate where this is going. His defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is under a lot of pressure after the Cowboys gave up over 620 yards for the second time this season against the Saints. To rub it in on Sunday, the Cowboys could get no offensive rhythm against the Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, yes the same Rob Ryan that Jones fired after last season.

The bottom line is that the Cowboys are not an elite team. They have drafted poorly in recent years, and their success with free-agents has been spotty at best. Scouting, drafting and played development falls squarely at the feet of Jones. The problem for Cowboys fans is that he is not very good at it. Without a strong coach like Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcell to push back on his decisions, there is a vacuum of leadership within the Cowboys that is not going away anytime soon. And that is not good news if you are a Dallas fan.

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