Cut Off The Head

Apparently, most NFL teams cannot function without their starting quarterback.  It appears that if the starter goes out the rest of them stop playing too or they forget how.  Even the running backs and all they have to do is take a handoff from the backup QB.

Yesterday, the Packers lost starting QB Aaron Rogers to a concussion.  As soon as this happened, they were unable to score any points.  They could not run the ball, not that the Packers can run, but still.  They couldn’t make passes.  They couldn’t do anything.  The defense still played well, but the offensive side of the ball became paralyzed.  The Packers lost the game to the Lions and in the process may have lost their playoff hopes.  Without Rogers, no one on the offense could play.

The Chiefs played without their starting QB Matt Cassel when he had to have an emergency appendectomy earlier in the week.  They were unable to score a single point against the Chargers.  Even worse, their defense could not prevent the Chargers from scoring almost every time they touched the ball.  The Chiefs running back, who is one of the best in the league this year, couldn’t run.  They couldn’t make plays.  They couldn’t put up a single, solitary point.

Both of these teams were in the running to the playoffs.  The Chiefs are now only 1 game ahead of the Chargers in their division and the Chargers have a very friendly schedule for their last 3 games.  The Packers stayed a game behind the losing Bears, but if the Vikings were to pull out a win against the Giants, the NFC North could become a 3 team race for the top spot.  Overcoming adversity is what separates good teams from great ones and both the Packers and Chiefs were unable to overcome and now may find themselves on the outside looking in at the post season.

© Photo By Todd Klassy


  1. Actually the Packers weren’t playing well even with Aaron Rodgers in the game, which is one reason he was running to behind with.

  2. True – he was playing badly – but the team didn’t play at all after he was out. And now they are probably out of the playoffs.

    • Did you see what I wrote:

      “which is one reason he was running to behind with.”

      I meant “to begin with.”

      LOL~ Proofread, Cherie.

      I hope they are not totally out of the playoffs…. but I’m blinded by my bias. 🙂

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