Cromartie’s Nameless Kids

J-E-S-T! JEST! JEST! JEST!Newly acquired Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie is the newest poster boy for the stupid professional athlete. Recently on the HBO show Hard Knocks the former San Diego Charger accidentally told the entire viewing world that he did not know the name of one or maybe even two of his illegitimate children.

Mr. Cromartie has four children from four different women that we all be three years old this calendar year and the cornerback has several more that are even younger then that as well. But the former Florida State player really got himself into trouble when he attempted to list each individual child he has fathered. In Cromartie’s defense he did know most of the children’s names, but failed to mention one or two’s names and referred to them as “my daughter” or instead listed their date of birth first before remembering their given name later.

It was one of those moments where you think to yourself did he really just say that? And if Tony Dungy is so tough on Rex Ryan for having a potty mouth what does he think of players with Cromartie’s child support rate or lack of memory regarding what they named their own child? The scenario makes you wonder if the New York Jets have any say on what hit’s the cutting room floor of the HBO run show and quite frankly it scares you a little bit about how clueless some of these millionaire athletes truly are with the way the conduct themselves.

To Cromartie it appeared to be no big deal that he didn’t know his own spawn’s name. Instead it sounded like an item left off of the grocery list. If players will be fined for in-game tweeting then why not just start fining players for making a mockery out of the league with the things they do or say on TV?

But then again I guess as long as the cornerback is paying child support and staying out of any type of legal trouble then you can’t punish him for being a clueless idiot.

Can you?



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