Cowboys Website Down During Most High-Profile Time Ever

With news that the Cowboys had fired Wade Philips midseason, Cowboy fans were flocking to the Cowboys website to find out more. At that particular time, their website went down because (wait for it) their marketing department (led by Jerry Jones, Jr. no less) didn’t renew the domain name. The site was blank, and while a domain renewal eventually went in, it took a few days.

It’s details like this one that unraveled the Cowboys. It’s the smallest things that can add distribution and lack of focus, and can make one team a winner over another team who merely mails it in every week. The Cowboys are mailing it in, in every way. Even something as mundane as this, something that would be considered administrative in nature and therefore unrelated to the actual game, IS related. It’s all related. How the players treat the coaches, how the coaches work together, and how the administrative office supports the team it is trying to promote: IT’S ALL RELATED.

Little details are why one receiver goes over the middle versus another who lazily lets the ball fly over his head. Little details are why one player fights for yardage every single catch, while another gets the ball and falls down. Little details are the small, extra efforts that define winners.

This snaffoo with the website is yet another indication of just how little the Cowboys are paying attention right now.

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