Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo Withdraws from the U.S. Open

I’m happy that Tony Romo likes to golf, and that he’s fairly good at it. But for a guy that has yet to lead his team to a Super Bowl, I feel a bit like his golfing in the off-season is a distraction. Romo started off well in this year’s U.S. Open qualifying rounds, finishing with one under 71 for the first 18 holes. He was tied for 10th. But then he went 8 over the next three holes, and had a quadruple-bogey on the 19th hole. Then rain held everything up, and besides that the Cowboys had an OTA workout he needed to get to.

2009 Dallas Cowboys NFL Schedule Wallpaper
Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21

An NFL career is short, and Romo, for a guy that is 30-years old and has never been to the Super Bowl, doesn’t have that many years left. He will have plenty of years to golf. For now, he should devote 100% of his time to football so he can be a leader and win.

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