Cowboys Cutting Marion Barber and Roy Williams

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - IV
Jerry Jones called in Marion Barber and Roy Williams and told them not to come to training camp, because, apparently, they’re cut.

Roy Williams, I get it.  He’s a high-priced receiver who hasn’t produced many results.  He was likely going to get embarrassed by Dez Bryant this year, and he proposed to a girl through the mail.  I mean, he’s just not worth the trouble or the money.

Frankly, I hope that Roy saw this coming when the Cowboys drafted Bryant last year.  Granted, Dez Bryant has issues, but the boy can play.  So, it was time for Williams to go.

Marion Barber, on the other hand, I’m not sure about.  The Cowboys do have depth at running back.  They can trot out Felix Jones, but having the two of them to choose from would seem, to me at least, to be a better option.

However, since the team has to clear cap room, I can understand letting go of people who DON’T protect Tony Romo.  When Romo gets hurt and you get stuck with Kitna–you do whatever you have to do to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

To Roy, I say, happy trails.  Surely, somebody will pick you up, but you won’t make nearly as much money, and you will probably never be very effective.  I’ll be interested to see where he lands.

Marion Barber runs angry, he runs downhill, and he’s got speed to break through the secondary when he gets back there.  I think there are plenty of teams who would love to have him.  The Colts could use a better running back (I know, they’ve got Donald Brown, but, come on.)  Even the Patriots might do well with Barber, but wherever Barber goes–he’ll make an impact.  He’s too good to just fizzle out of the league.

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