Could Clay Matthews Win the MVP?

The Packers’ Clay Matthews is having a banner year, and some area already wondering if he could possibly win the league MVP award. Historically, defensive players do not usually win the award. But Matthews is making such an impact, even Michael Strahan says Matthews could win.

Since 1957, only two defensive players have picked up the award, but Strahan says the record a team has does have an impact if one of its players gets the award. In order words, if you’re a great player on a crappy team, you probably won’t win. (Although didn’t Barry Sanders play for the Lions when they were horrible? So who knows.)

I get leery anything they talk too early about players (or teams) winning awards. I think Matthews is an awesome player and if the votes were tallied right now, he certainly would be worthy of the award. But there is half a season left, and the second half can often change everything. We’ll see.

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