Colts Win Again…Oops!

Blue for the Colts
The Colts made a boo-boo in the hunt for Andrew Luck and they won, again.  They were even playing the Texans, and they still won.  The Texans are going to the playoffs and we were wondering if the Colts would go defeated for the whole season.  Now, they have two wins and have likely pushed themselves out of the first pick in the draft.  That means they may not get a shot at Andrew Luck.

Is that really that bad?

The Colts still have Peyton Manning and he’s been back at throwing.  So, is he better?  Did he just need a year off?  I know, I know all about the fused vertebrae, but the boy has been playing football non-stop since…he was 5 probably.  So, I could understand that in his late 30’s he needed a year off in combination withe the fact that he was scarily injured.

So, let’s say they lose out on Andrew Luck and they have Manning for another couple years.  Well, then they can wait for a stronger quarterback draft where they can take someone who will sit behind Manning for a couple years until he retires at 40 or 41 when we all thought he would.

I think that that would be a fine position for them to be in.  Apparently, Peyton is determined to come back.  Given that he’s a good guy, I believe he would have told them he was going to retire by now.  Since they said they would take Andrew Luck, he probably has a fire in his belly and doesn’t even want to go there with them right now.

Put all of that together and you get this situation where the Colts might not even get to draft Luck, but Peyton could come out and be a killer for a few more years.

It’s possible, you know.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Valerie Everett

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