Colts Hire Pagano

The Colts have hired Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano as their new head coach.  So, they went with a defensive guy, makes sense.  Now, Jim Irsay has “his guy” again, and it appears that the rebuilding is starting.

You bring in the new coach, you are going to draft Andrew Luck, and you have a defensive head coach who can support Luck after you start playing him.  And, there it is.  That’s how this is going to go down.

I was always a little bit curious about whether or not the Colts could make this thing work with both guys, but now I see that the housecleaning they are doing is going to result in Peyton Manning’s exit.  They aren’t going to pay him his huge roster bonus and keep Andrew Luck on the payroll so that their new coach can decide who plays and who sits.  You don’t hire a defensive coach and ask him to figure out that little problem.

So, this is likely the end in Indy for Peyton Manning.  That raises a bigger question.

Is Peyton Manning done period?  Yes, he probably is.  Sure, some teams could pick him up, but the team that was most likely to have a good chance with him, San Francisco, has Alex Smith and he has proved that he is clutch.  So, that’s not really an option anymore.  Right now, Peyton is a man with no home and nowhere to go.  He could easily retire and just let it be.

Likely, he could go into coaching and start mentoring young quarterbacks.  That would be cool and I think it would be nice to see his influence spread through the league.

If there’s ever a person who I would love to see stay in football, even though I think they’re done, Peyton is the one.


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