Colts Fire Coach, Name New QB

With so much talk on Green Bay going for an unbeaten season, there has been very little chatter on the Indianapolis Colts and their quest for a perfect season.  Perfect in losing every game.

Not the thing you want to be remembered for.  Just ask the Detroit Lions of 3 years ago.  0-16. Perfection at its worst.  Just a few seasons ago the Colts were ridiculed for not playing their starters and going for an unbeaten season.  Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Starters are clamoring to rest their weary bodies.  Nothing has gone right for the Colts.  Not since they moved to Indy has the team been this futile.  This is not where owner Jim Irsay thought this team would be when they moved into their new stadium.

Tuesday the Colts made changes.  They named a new starting quarterback and fired their defensive coordinator Larry Coyer.  Neither with any hope for this season.  That hope flew out the window when Peyton Manning went down for the year.

Dan Orlovsky will replace Curtis Painter as the starting quarterback.  Painter has been less than reliable and since Kerry Collins is out, the job gores to Orlovsky to start Sunday against New England.  It will be Orlovsky’s first start since the 2008 season.  Ironically that was when he was with the 0-16 Detroit Lions.

Colt fans have been after the head of Coach Jim Caldwell.  The firing of Coyer seems to be a reaction by the front office to that.  Caldwell’s job may very well be tenable, as is the job of GM Bill Polian.  But this might be an overreaction to a bad season.

Yes the Colts are a bad team.  This is a team designed to be directed by Manning.  He knows the offense, the league and how to win.  But with Manning’s days in the league numbered, it might be time to clean house, go with a new direction.  Something Manning, who just signed a new contract with the team, is not in favor of.

That’s understandable from Manning’s point of view.  He wants his chance to win another Super Bowl before he retires.  Massive rebuilding at this time would all but kill tat chance.  Unless Manning goes elsewhere, something neither side is willing to discuss right now.

Yes there is only one man that can right this sinking ship.  It won’t come this year and it may not come next, if the Colts decide to blow it up.  That man’s name is in doubt.  It could be Manning.

Or it could be Andrew Luck.

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