According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen the Indianapolis Colts have already decided to draft Andrew Luck first overall in the 2012 NFL draft.

According to Mort:

Colts owner Jim Irsay plans to take Andrew Luck with the draft’s first-round pick.

Sources say Irsay sees symmetry in the franchise history of draft picks and will not pass on the opportunity to complete it. In 1983, the Colts took John Elway with the No. 1 pick, only to see Irsay’s father, Bob, trade the Hall of Famer.

Fifteen years later, the Colts took Manning.

Now 14 years after that, Jim Irsay wants to draft his quarterback for the next 12 to 15 years

The Colts decision, if true, could be a boon for the St. Louis Rams who have the second pick in the draft. The Rams already have their franchise quarterback and have no need for RG3. What will the likes of the Browns, Redskins, Jets, Dolphins offer the Rams to move up to that second spot?


  1. Without being able to predict the playing future of Peyton Manning, Colts need to be prepared for his eventual successor. If Manning is not able to play, they have a solid QB ready to step in. It’s all about the current uncertainty and future success of the team. Even if Peyton returns healthy for a year or 2, he will retire at some point. Best to be ready, whichever situation arises.

    • Totally agree. The Colts will not know whether Manning will be able to play before the draft so they need to plan for the future and take Luck. If Manning is healthy then that is a nice problem to have


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