College News Avalanche

Los Angeles Times, Sunday 08.22.10
Today is an avalanche of college football news.  It was one big story after another today in college football from Mark Ingram to BYU the hits just kept on coming.

First, it was announced that Mark Ingram was injured and would not play in Alabama’s opener.  Ingram injured his knee in practice Monday and immediately, that day, underwent an arthroscopic procedure.  The team then announced he would be out for the season opener, but did not speculate on anything further.  Bama coach Mark Saban said that everyone thought it was a situation that they should take care of now so Ingram would not have any issues with it later in the season.  Later in the season?  How much later is later?  Saban said the injury would be managed on a week to week basis working with Ingram’s doctors who include the renowned Dr. James Andrews who rebuilt Brett Favre’s ankle.  Saban also said, “This is not an injury that will affect Mark’s future ability to make a full recovery in a relatively short time.”  Sounds like a lot of hedging to me.

Next up, the NCAA said that Jeremiah Masoli cannot play football this season for Ole Miss.  The NCAA gave two reasons for the ruling, “First was that Jeremiah would have not been eligible for the 2010 season at his previous institution (Oregon),” said Boone. “The second was the time frame discrepancy between the previous institution and Jeremiah regarding when the institution said they dismissed Jeremiah and when he decided to transfer.”  Ole Miss immediately appealed the decision.  The latest the subcommittee can rule is 1 week.  Without Masoli, Ole Miss is pretty much toast.

BYU has decided to leave the MWC  and go independent in football and join the West Coast Conference in all other sports instead of the previous plan to go independent in football and join the WAC in all other sports.  With Fresno State and Nevada leaving the WAC for the MWC, BYU decided to go with the WCC instead.  Yet another set of teams that come 2011-2012 season everyone will have to get straight what conference they are in and who they play.

Coach Mack Brown stated on ESPN that he thinks that if the Heisman Trust committee takes away Reggie Bush’s Heisman award that he thinks it should be awarded to Vince Young.  Bush is still coming under scrutiny and criticism for the alleged money he received while attending USC.  Brown said that he thinks Vince Young should be awarded the Heisman if the committee takes it away from Bush.  Something I don’t think will happen.

And for something totally different, University of Houston WR Patrick Edwards has sued Marshall, Conference USA, and game ref Gil Gelbke over the injuries and subsequent surgery and recovery he suffered when he ran into a metal service cart during a game in October 2008.  The injury was suffered when Edwards was running at full speed crashing into the cart just outside the end zone sustaining a compound fracture that required a rod to be inserted into his right leg during surgery.  Edwards missed the remainder of the 2008 season but returned to catch 85 passes for 1,021 yards and six touchdowns as a junior in 2009.

A very, very big college news day today.  Kind of makes one wonder what might come out next!

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