College Football Picks Week 11

The weekly humiliation – brought to you courtesy of Northern Illinois who beat down Toledo with 65 points.  I did much better last week maybe by the end of the season I will get them all right!


Indiana at No. 7 Wisconsin – Wisconsin
No. 13 Iowa at Northwestern – Iowa
No. 24 Kansas State at No. 17 Missouri – Kansas State in the upset
No. 14 Utah at Notre Dame – Utah
Georgia at No. 2 Auburn – Auburn but wouldn’t it  be something if Georgia upset them?!
Penn State at No. 9 Ohio State – Ohio State
Texas Tech at No. 16 Oklahoma – Oklahoma
No. 20 Virginia Tech at North Carolina – Virginia Tech
San Diego State at No. 3 TCU – TCU
Louisiana-Monroe at No. 5 LSU – LSU
Kansas at No. 8 Nebraska – Nebraska
UTEP at No. 15 Arkansas – Arkansas
No. 25 Texas A&M at Baylor – Texas
No. 19 Mississippi State at No. 12 Alabama – Alabama
No. 23 South Carolina at No. 22 Florida – South Carolina in the “alleged” upset
No. 1 Oregon at California – Oregon
No. 6 Stanford at Arizona State – Standford
No. 10 Oklahoma State at Texas – Oklahoma State
USC at No. 18 Arizona – Arizona
No. 21 Nevada at Fresno State – Nevada
With all of Auburn’s off the field distractions, Georgia might have a chance in this game.  I do think South Carolina bets Florida.  Other than that, I don’t see many upsets this weekend – but you never know – it is college football 2010!

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