Coaching Does Matter–Niners Put Eight In Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl rosters were announced and the lowly and hapless–I mean, well-coached and talent-laden 49ers put eight guys in the Pro Bowl. EIGHT.  This is the same team where people were reviling their choice of Alex Smith, blaming him for all their problems, made Mike Singletary look stupid, and couldn’t get out of their own way in a bad division.  Those 49ers.

What a difference a year makes.

If anyone thinks that coaching doesn’t matter in pro football–you are sorely mistaken.  The only reason these eight guys are in the Pro Bowl is because of coaching.  Whatever Jim Harbaugh has done to change the culture in San Fran, it is working.  He has been able to make this team believe in their own abilities, and he has them in the second seed in the NFC with the most guys in the Pro Bowl.  How does that happen?

Utilization of talent.

Nobody had been able to utilize the talent that was on this roster.  Don’t get me wrong.  The ownership still stinks, but the front office and coach are finally on the same page.  Basically, Harbaugh can take you and make you into whatever you need to be.  It’s just that simple.  He’s like Coach K at Duke–he’ll fit you into the system somehow if you want to work hard and have some talent.

If this is not proof that a good coach is even more important that draft picks, I don’t know what is.  Yeah, you want to have some picks, but you have GOT to have a coach that can do something with all those guys you pick.  For all the bad coaches the 49ers have had since George Seifert left, they have finally found a good one that knows what he’s doing.

Let’s keep him for life and let him do what he wants.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Caitlinator

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