Cleveland Browns First Day Grade

Let me say I will be grading each day of the draft for the Browns. It’s time to grade the first round of the draft for the Cleveland Browns and I’ll start off  by saying the first round was full of surprise trades. Although a couple of guys went before they should have, teams moving up and down the draft are fun to watch.

Okay let’s get down to business. The Cleveland Browns grade is a C+. The reason they got this grade is for a couple reasons: the first pick for the Browns Trent Richardson was a great pick for us but I didn’t like how we moved up one pick to get him. I felt like we gave up too much to moved up one spot. Giving up two fourth round picks and a seventh wasn’t smart even if some team moved in front of us and grabbed him. We still could have gotten CB, Morris Claiborne, WR, Justin Blackmon, and/or OT, Matt Kalil so either way you would have gotten a great player. I’m not saying Trent Richardson wasn’t a good pick but if we give up too much we will miss those picks in the second and third because we can’t trade in those rounds now. Now on to the 22nd pick. Getting a 28 year old quarterback in the first round was a  big time reach. There was no teams interested in a quarterback at that time because the teams that were interested which were the Dolphins, Colts and the Redskins, all got there quarterback early so you could have gotten him in the 2nd round. Big reach and a bad pick by the browns. in addition they could have gotten a Defense player like LB, Dont’a Hightower,  or DE, Whitney Mercilus or even  Safety, Harrison Smith. Even if they didn’t get Richardson at 4th they could have gotten RB, Doug Martin.

If you wanted to go offense , OT,Riley Reiff,  OG, or David DeCastro would have worked well here if you did get Richardson. I give them a  B+ mainly because of Richardson but Brandon Weeden brings the grade down to a C+. We have some needs going forward such as wide receiver, cornerback, offensive tackle, and safety. Not to have some of the fourth round picks to trade up most likely will hurt us. Thank you and please check back tomorrow for part II of my grade for the second day of the NFL Draft . And if you have a opinion on the draft leave a comment i will comment back.

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