Cleveland Browns Draft Strategies

The draft is fast approaching and the Cleveland Browns will be on the clock, there a few way they can go. One is they could approve they’re already good Defense or help a terrible Offense that saying was bad is an understatement.

Okay let’s see one Strategy the Defense Strategies first. If his there they could go CB,Morris Claiborne with the 4th pick that would in approve their secondary right away. Then they could go Safety but the best thing would be to wait for your safety so at pick 22# Defenseline man Chandler Jones or Linebacker Courtney Upshaw ether one approves the Defense front 7.

Now that’s Defense you could go this way but when your Offense was as bad as the Browns Offense it makes more since to go offense because ever if you have a great defense and go with the Defense Strategy the defense would be on the field so much that they would get tired because they’re constantly going three and out this strategy overall wouldn’t be good for the team.

The best strategies to me is to go Offense early and often. 4th pick should be RB,Trent Richardson. In the AFC North Division you have to be able to run the football in the later months and it would help your quarterback out also take pressure off him. He also has the rare brand of speed,power and great Vision to see the hole and quickness and burst to hit it and go.

The 22nd pick should be a wide receiver. Floyd will be gone so will Blackmon, Stephen should be the pick here 6’5′ runs a 4.35 but let’s go deeper last season 28 catches 5 touchdowns 820 yards 29,3 per catch in a run heavy offense at Georgie Tech. I know everyone saying go Offenseline man but the Browns can find a good OT in the 3nd or 4th round so Wideout here.

I’m make a bold called if you want a Quarterback the Quarterback I would take is Brock Osweiler 6’7 ht 242 pounds. Let’s go to last season 4,036 yards 140.47 QB rating 26 touchdowns yes last year was his first yard as a started but he will be the steal in this draft. With whatever strategy the Browns go with we will know tonight.

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