Clay Matthews to Start on Sunday

The Packers and Vikings play on Sunday night football, which really couldn’t be any better timing-wise. Favre drama, playing the Packers… yeah, it seems like the thing that would happen in the same week. The game is expected to be a close one, but one thing on the Packers’ side is the return of Clay Matthews. Matthews, along with other players on the defense, have been out with injuries. Of all the players out, though, Matthews absence has made the most impact.

Apparently Matthews will not be in every down, however. He’d like to play the entire game, but Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers plan on only putting him in during pass-rush downs.

Even with Matthews in, I wouldn’t count the Vikings out. Favre may not be playing at his best level this year, but he does know how to play without letting distractions get the best of him. One thing is clear, it’s bound to be an interesting game!

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