Christmas Eve Football!

Who doesn’t want a full slate of games on Christmas Eve?  When you flip over to Christmas Day, the NBA starts up, so we get the biggest weekend of sports for possibly the whole year right here.  Lots of things are up in the air in the NFL, so which games mean the most?

Denver goes into Buffalo with a chance to lock up their division.  Buffalo has been fading all year, the Tebow train is still going pretty good, and we have to see if the Broncos can fashion an offense that doesn’t look too much like Tom Osborne is coordinating it and offers Tebow the chance to have a good completion percentage.

Pittsburgh is going to start Charlie Batch at quarterback.  Yeah, it must be that bad with Big Ben.  Let’s hope they can hold on without him for just a little bit because St. Louis is still an NFL team (even if they suck.)

Philly and Dallas.  If the stars align and somehow, someway, by an act of God, the Eagles make the playoffs, I don’t think I’ll know what to say.  How could they have been so bad for so long and suddenly still have a chance?  Welcome to the NFC East my friends–it’s the new home of the Keystone Cops.

Finally, for me, San Francisco and Seattle is really a look at how badly the 49ers want it.  Given that Jim Harbaugh is so intense, I bet there will be no resting and no “lifting of the foot off the gas pedal.”  If that is true, then the 49ers should kill Seattle.  If not, I’ll be worried about that second round playoff game.

We still have a chance to send three teams from one division to the playoffs in the AFC North, and the NFC East is still up for grabs.  Is this the best weekend of football yet or what?

Creative Commons License photo credit: patti haskins

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