Child Please

So, USC is going to get slapped, allegedly, today by the NCAA for violations during the stay of Reggie Bush.  The RUMOR has it that the school will be banned from postseason play for 2 years, lose up to 20 scholarships, and have their wins “vacated” from the National Championship 2004 season.  Sounds like a lot, but really it’s not much at all.  Not in the long run.

USC and Lane Kiffin will have 2 years of unfettered recruitment of STILL top talent.  By the time 2012 rolls around, USC will be poised to win yet another title making Kiffin look like a genius.  The school will still be able to recruit top talent regardless of scholarship reduction.  And the vacated wins?  They aren’t going to vacate them and then say here Auburn or here OU here’s your national championship rings.  They will just “pretend” they didn’t win, but nobody else gets the win or the TV money.  The school gets to keep all the money and all the marbles.  Sure other schools will be going around saying well then we are actually the 2004 National Champs, but they are not.  USC still is.  It’s all just so much smoke and mirrors.

Will it change anything in how colleges conduct themselves?  Will it change anything about how athletes get their rides, bling, swag on the down low?  Not a chance.  Will it make players not want to attend USC?  Child please.  Will it do anything to the reps of Bush or Pete Carroll?  Not on your life.  Will it make Auburn the 2004 National Champ?  Never.  So what does it do?  It makes it look like the NCAA is “doing something.”  It seems a running theme in America these days.  If you appear to be “doing something” about a problem whether it fixes the problem or not, it’s all good.  At least you’re making an attempt.  CHILD PLEASE!

USC will play the next two seasons for I guess school pride.  They will retain all the money they received from the 2004 season.  Kiffin will have 2 years to recruit and say things that make people cringe.  Reggie Bush will keep on running for the Saints and Pete Carroll will try to manage a winning season in the NFL.  And college football will continue on the way it always has and even more so by expanding into super conferences and the NCAA will sit back and watch as they stack the paper.  Sanctions matter….who are you kidding…it’s the money and only the money.  Child please…

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